Trust us to do the cleaning 

We are trained, equipped and ready to clean your home and office as we have done for more than 100 000 households all around Australia

You`ll remember how clean your home was.

We want to be associated with amazing results. That is why each of our cleaners is professionally trained and geared with the latest cleaning equipment so you can enjoy and even brag a little with your clean and tidy home. 

About us

We have been cleaning houses and office buildings for more than a decade. And in that time we have perfected our cleaning services so you can have the helping hand that you can count on. Everyone of us is proficiently trained to work with cleaning chemicals and equipment. Each home we clean, we clean it as if it’s ours – as if mom is visiting. 

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A satisfied customer means a repeated business

When we visit your home, we are not coming merely to clean up something. We are ringing your bell so we can help you create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for your family. That is why we use eco-friendly detergents and each of our cleaners will listen to your concerns and act accordingly.

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We understand that there are two kinds of clean – on the outside and on the inside

We enjoy cleaning because when your home is clean and fresh, it does something, almost magical, to the inner self. When you wake up in a tidy bedroom, wash your teeth in a spotless bathroom and have your morning coffee in a clean and germ-free kitchen, you start your day strong. And we want you to start strong every day, that is why we offer a highly professional house cleaning service that will clean and maintain a safe environment for your family.

With our exceptional cleaning service, we always deliver amazing results.

To come back from work to a clean, disinfected and fresh-smelling house is what we want for every Australian. That is why we cover Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane so we can serve everybody Down Under. 

Steam cleaning

A clean carpet looks and smells good, but most importantly, it’s safe for children and pets to play on


Save time and protect your family by choosing a professional upholstery cleaning service by Wise Cleaners

Carpet Repairing & Streching

Carpet repairing and streching done by a professional can significantly prolong the life of your carpets

Tile and grout cleaning

When you choose us as your tile and grout cleaning service, you will experience the most efficient cleaning that you can find

Pest control

Secure your home and protect your family by choosing a pest control service that will take care of any crawlies in your home

Flood damage

Invest in your property by choosing a professional flood damage clean-up service

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

With over 25 years of experience cleaning everything from houses to offices, you can trust us with your health and safety

And we cover most of Australia

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100% biodegradable

100% natural

100% good for your health