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Couch cleaning in Adelaide has never been easier! A clean and fresh couch tells a lot about the room, and it’s owners. That is why consider a couch steam cleaning for your Adelaide home or office.

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Steam cleaning has become a preferred choice of cleaning method among many Australians. And there are plenty of health and cost benefits in switching to a cleaning service that utilizes steam cleaning.

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Germs, bacterias and pathogens live and breed in our couches. In most cases, sofas are a haven for vast amounts of nasty germs that could be potentially dangerous to our’s and our beloved one’s health. That is why we have developed a modern, tailor-made, cleaning service especially for lounges and other upholstery for all of the Adelaide area. 

Spilling a sugary drink on the couch is a disaster because the sweet but sticky rescue will attract dirt and grime. The sticky, oily residue is dangerous to your couch and, if left unanswered, will destroy your furniture and devalue the overall price of your property. But, by choosing a Adelaide based professional couch steam cleaning service, you can be sure that your furniture won’t age a day and it will be as beautiful as it was when you first saw it. 

Over time our furniture starts to emit an unpleasant fragrance that will be getting stronger. Steam cleaning your couch once per year will give you the comfort to watch your favourite shows without smelling something fishy. Also, by annually cleaning your sofa, you will maintain its value for longer. 

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Many will deny, but most of us have dropped and instantly picked up food from our couches. It’s perfectly natural but potentially dangerous to our health. One side of this danger is the norovirus – it causes symptoms similar to food poisoning, and it stays in your couches for up to six weeks. But also, as mentioned, our furniture is like a hotel for germs and pathogens, that is why you need a couch steam cleaning service done by trained and dedicated professionals. That’s why you should choose us.

Health and comfort benefits of a professional steam service

Many will deny, but most of us have dropped and instantly picked up food from our couches. It’s perfectly natural but potentially dangerous to our health.

Do you remember the couch from the show Friends? Yes, the one from the coffee shop. When you rewatch it again, notice that they (mostly Chandler) sit on the armrest and put their shoe-wearing feet on the couch. Don’t get us wrong – we love Friends, but the sofa in the show is begging for a professional steam cleaning service because dirt will eventually ruin its colour.

New York is too far away but, every Australian can be sure that, by choosing us as their professional cleaners, we will take care of their couches and other upholstery just like Ross took care of Ratchet or Monica of Chandler.

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